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Yesterday’s systems and solutions will not succeed in the construction industry of tomorrow, nor will they sustain construction schedules or safety compliance and quality demands. That’s why we work hard to evolve ahead of the demands of our industries, bringing nearly 40 years of experience to the job. Our success comes from superior service to our clients. We will adapt to provide what you need, not duplicate what you already have.

We are a team of
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Sectors We Support

From design to construction, we succeed when you do.

  • Generation

    The energy generation industry is at the threshold of its metamorphosis from the centralized heavy industry of the past, like the steel and mining industries of the 19th and 20th centuries, toward a more sustainable and eventually cost effective decentralized future. Tri-Technic supports any and all types of power generation facilities. »

  • Delivery

    The electric national, regional and local power transmission and distribution network is the facility which transports and delivers bulk electrical energy from the generators, through our system of lines and substations, ultimately to all of us who need and use the energy, to build and sustain an advanced society, safe and comfortable communities, and the most vibrant economy on earth. »

  • Utilization

    Energy utilization is where the energy supply meets the needs and demands of a civilized society. Utilization focuses on the equipment, appliances and technologies that provide for civilized life. All industries, life sustaining water, our food, sanitation, data and communications and every facet of civilized life, fades and dies without energy, delivered when, where and in the right quantity needed to sustain our lives and well-being. »

  • Storage

    Energy storage is the only facility that can support the continued utilization of renewable energy in our electric power generation and delivery systems. Without Storage, continued penetration of renewables into our energy systems, will cause our entire system to fail and collapse. Storage in all its forms, is the only thing that fixes the problems that renewables create; Storage is critical. »

  • Microgrids

    A microgrid is a relatively small, localized system of Energy Resources and Utilization Loads that typically operates connected to and synchronous with the traditional centralized power grid (macro-grid), but is able to disconnect and maintain local operation, autonomously as system reliability and/or economic conditions dictate. Currently Microgrids are built for sustainability and to support critical missions and operations, rather than energy economics. »

We are experts
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Services We Offer

Design / Build

The term “design” encompasses many functions and processes that are often similar, yet they are unique to each project and client. Tri-Technic’s mission is to make the pre-construction process fluid and productive for our clients. We combine years of construction design experience, a seasoned and knowledgeable team, and high-level communication and technological capabilities to move projects efficiently through the design phase.

First, we listen to our client and clearly establish the project priorities. Then, we plan, schedule, organize, and coordinate. Finally, we put the right people to work on the project; professionals who actually know the work they are managing.


Tri-Technic’s lead staff is seasoned, and dedicated to controlling, coordinating, and managing complex projects. That strength of actual, not only theoretical, knowledge and experience is the strength of our day-to-day operations. This real world experience allows us to look ahead and anticipate inevitable obstacles.

Tri-Technic’s construction services extend throughout both the Power and Heavy Industrial sectors. Experience has taught us that proper planning, scheduling, organizing, and executing, then tracking the project tasks and appropriately applying that feedback helps to eliminate delays and inefficiencies that are often associated with utility and industrial construction projects.

Featured Project

30MW B.E.S.S. Renewable Energy Complex

El Centro, California

TTI provided design-build services under contract to GE for this project; Tri-Technic provided all civil, structural, building, MEP and all related work. The civil design and construction had to overcome unstable and highly corrosive soil conditions, in a very high seismic design zone, which was accomplished with engineered fills and by utilizing Post Tensioned foundation design. The building was designed and constructed to provide a secure and stable environment for the more than 5,000 battery modules and related equipment, which were located in the very harsh environment of the Imperial Valley, CA., with design ambient temperatures of 125F on the high end and 27F for the low temperatures. These extreme conditions required specialized design considerations, including 280 tons of process cooling with very heavy building insulation.

Some of Our Clients