WAPA awards Tri-Technic NERC Mitigation Transmission Line Project

Arizona / Nevada: WAPA awards Tri-Technic the NERC Mitigation Transmission Line project covering work on the Arizona & Nevada borders. The project consists of the removal and reinstallation of 230KV & 345KV poles and conductors on three Transmission lines and installation of new insulators on a fourth 230KV transmission line. 

The project covers the Glen Canyon-Flagstaff #1Transmission Line, Hoover-Mead #1 230KV Transmission Line, Hoover– Mead #5 230KVTransmission Line &  insulators on the Hoover-Mead #6 Transmission Line. Work includes removal and installation of steel poles, 7.7 miles of double circuit, bundled conductoring and installation of new porcelain insulators. Project will start in October and complete by January 1, 2014.